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Tahura Charity and Development Organization

Tahura Charity and Development Organization (TCDO) is a local Non-Governmental Organization registered under the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia’s Agency for Civil Society Organization with the registration number of 4677. Tahura was established in 2020, since then the organization has been expanding continuously in terms of social development and social welfare through: program for social work, nutritional assessment, and other human services through social research and dissemination of socially relevant knowledge, contribution to supply and delivery of dry grocery under health and social development for emergency social relief program at state levels. TCDO has been responding to hunger and poverty to the needy and improvised communities through its feeding programs. It has been engaged in different developmental activities. The provision of school feeding program for needy school children was among the activities that the organization has been implementing at selected sites in Addis Ababa town.

Our Mission

TCDO will support Ethiopian communities to develop self-sustenance, protect its heritage, deepen and broaden its academic knowledge by cooperating with the existing Ethiopian institute for better service delivery.

Our Vision

To create communities that contributes to a positive impact to the development of themselves, their country and the region as a whole.


Tahura Charity and Development Organization
  • Improving community serving institutions, as required by the community, including sanitation, water access, carpets, books, book shelves, and library facilities, fencing, road access, parking and other required infrastructure.
  • Improving facilities in community service institutions including schools, health facilities, to support and improve their service to the community as require.
  • Establishment of infrastructure and services to benefit the community in the areas of water access, sanitation, education, healthcare, job skill development, livelihoods, women and youth empowerment, disability and elderly, sustainable development, agriculture and ecological resource management.
  • Offering courses and workshops to community to support improved health, sanitation and effective use of natural resources

What WE Do

Current Focus Area and Beneficiaries

1-Education: to create a sustainable, positive and nurturing environment for children, by providing good quality education

2-Providing Meal: The School Feeding Scheme feeds students in order to provide them with sufficient energy to enhance concentration and attentiveness in class and to keep learners healthy. Our integrated school feeding projects focus on mobilizing and strengthening the capacities of local governments and communities to sustain benefits of:

  • Improved student literacy outcomes,
  • Increased use of health, dietary and nutrition practices,
  • Transition to sustainable school meal programs
School Feeding Program

A total of 1800 students have received daily meal (lunch) and the program is being conducted in 5 schools. (2 schools in Legetafo town and 3 schools in Addis Ababa). The program provided a nutritional meal every school day and supplementary fortified milk twice a week.

Our Projects

School Community Food Pack Distribution

1456 family food pack has been distributed benefiting over 7,000 individuals were each member received 25kg of Rice, 3 kg of Date, 15 kg of Barely & 2.5kg of Powder.

Zekat al-Fitr Distribution

250 families received Zekat (Food Items) benefiting over 1000 individuals were each family received 5kg of flour and 1 Pcs of 500g Pasta.

Summer Food Pack Distribution

495 families were included in the program benefiting over 2,400 individuals.

School Supplies Distribution

329 students received School Supplies at the begging of academic year in oct 2021 each student received 12 exercise books, 6 pencils and 6 pens.

Daily School Meal

A total of 1800 students have received daily meal (lunch) and the program is being conducted in 5 schools. (2 schools in Legetafo Town and 3 schools in Addis Ababa). The program provided a nutritional meal every school day and supplementary fortified milk twice a week.

Emergency Food Pack for IPD Community

563 families received food pack benefiting more than 2,600 individuals were each family received 25kg of Rice & 5kg of lentil.

Donated Dry Cookies to Kolfe Sub-City

100 cartons of dry cookies were donated to Kolfe Sub-City to be donated to wounded soldiers of war were each carton contained 20 boxes of 288g cookies

Nutritional Assessment

1700 students were assessed for nutritional evaluation to investigate the contribution of school feeding program in improving the school enrolment, attendance and academic performance of the students in 5 different schools in Addis Ababa City and Legetafo town.

  • Participated in CSOs week at Hilton Addis Ababa from June 30-July 2/2022 under the forum of promoting proactive CSO for Peace, Democracy and Development.
  • Government official visit from woreda and sub city to schools.
  • Official visit of Frealem Shibabaw (Transform Nutrition Champion 2016) at Legetafo School.
  • Summer and Emergency Food pack distribution at IDP Schools.
  • Nutritional Assessment was done in 5 schools for nutritional evaluation.

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